Speedpainting performance for corporate event at the KMSKA museum in Antwerp

Live speed painting portrait of the CEO of a company at their 100year anniversary.
Painted in 8minutes
100 x 100 cm
Glue and blue glitter on canvas

What is speedpainting?
Speedpainting performance art is a unique and exciting form of art that alows the artist, Montana Engels to create an impressive Artwork in a short amount of time as live performance. This form of art is often seen in entertainment events, corporate functions, weddings, birthdays, festivals, performances,... Montana Engels is the only (portrait) Speedpainter in Belgium and does speedpaintings WORLD WIDE.
The art form is all about capturing the essence of the subject in a limited amount of time. In speedpainting performance art, artists create stunning pieces of art before a live audience within a short time frame, Montana does this usually in 5-30min, depending on the subject. The audience watches as the artist works their magic, transforming a blank canvas into a work of art before their very eyes.

One of the main benefits of speedpainting performance art is its ability to captivate audiences and to make Art accessible to a wide audience. This form of art is highly engaging, and the audience is usually glued to their seats as they watch the artist's creativity unfold in real-time. The element of surprise is also a significant factor in speedpainting performance art, as the audience is often amazed at how quickly the artist creates a beautiful piece of art. Montana Engels usually works with a "moment suprême" where she builds tention with music and grand painting gestures to the big moment where she reveals the painting in a grand way. She does this by throwing glitter at a glue painting or by painting upside down and revealing the painting by turning it up right, ...etc

Another advantage of speedpainting performance art is its versatility. The artist can create a piece of art that is tailored to the specific event, people or theme, which makes it perfect for both corporate functions or private events. The art can be created in real-time and used as a backdrop for the event or presented as a gift, put up for auction or raffled among the public.

Montana Engels has many years of experience ever since she performed her speedpainting at Belgium's Got Talent with great success. She painted for Tomorrowland, The prince of Belgium, several international stars, and many big brands such as Aston Martin, Disney, Playstation, MINI, MAC cosmetics, Sherathon, Qmusic, Jägermeister, Lolaliza, Bombay Sapphire, and many more.

 Overall, speedpainting performance art is a dynamic and exciting art form that continues to grow in popularity fast. It offers a unique way for artists to express their creativity and engage with audiences in a whole new way. If you're looking for a unique form of entertainment at your event, speedpainting performance art is classy, impressive, entertaining and leaves an everlasting memory of the event.
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