"Butterfly Effect"

120 x 100 cm
Acrylics and gold leaf on 3D canvas
“Butterfly effect” is inspired by the immeasurable impact something small can have on your life. Similar to the butterfly effect where a small event causes large-scale change elsewhere. The power of a work of art goes beyond its visual representation, especially in our technologically driven world. Modern painting manifests our earliest human expressions. Art communicates visual stories and memories that cannot otherwise be captured. It transcends a purely visual representation and opens windows to life experiences and emotions. It takes us to a place where literal words and thoughts are not enough.

The painting is a one-of-a-kind, hand painted stripes painting by Montana Engels.
Special about the technique is that Montana invented this way of painting and that when looking at it up close it looks abstract while the further you move away from the painting, the MORE detailed it gets.
Price upon request
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