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Montana Engels Contemporary artist from Belgium

When still studying in Paris, Montana Engels was contacted by 'Belgium's got talent' to join the show. At that time she could not combine it with her Parisian school and was therefore asked to try out when she was back in Belgium. And so, this year she participated with 1001 ideas to perform at the show. Since 'glue and diamond dust' was never done before in Belgium, she decided to make a giant portrait in glue and glitter of Michael Jackson.. In 2 minutes.  (see it here)
From mural paintings in a Parisian restaurant to UV-light painting for an event in a club in Antwerp and painting series in a style Montana created and calls "abstract realism". Montana paints emotions. Emotions that are hard to describe yet relatable to everyone who observes the painting. Her painting style touches 'realism' however she likes the viewers to still 'feel' the brushstrokes with their eyes. The abstract touch in her painting always combines colour with the emotion that the painting conveys.
Montana draws emotions in a portrait, muses and images rather than just a person. She allows herself to be inspired by people she comes across in the street or on social media. Her muses all have the 'it' quality in their picture or look. Using only pencils and an eraser on paper she has an eye for exactly drawing what she sees, which is very important in portraits. Montana likes to change it up and experiment in her art. This also shows in her drawings.
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